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Freedom! Fun With My Boy

Every Day Should Be Like This…

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Trust Your Gut and Be A Rock Star

You feel it in your gut

Something isn’t quite right.

This picture of life, everything you have experienced up to this point now for so many years, the monotony, the routine – this isn’t the picture you had quite envisioned.

You never saw yourself waking up every morning rushing to get out the door, and hitting the heavy traffic, only to clock in to work at a job you find completely boring.

Maybe you hate your job.

Maybe you can’t stand getting up every day and hitting the snooze button seventeen times.

Maybe the people at your job suck.  You never dreamed of ending up at some place every day where you’re spending time with people that you’d probably never hang out with in your free time.

You never imagined that the majority of your waking life would be consumed, by the dull and mundane consistent routine, that only leaves you exhausted and unmotivated at the end of the day.

You never imagined you would come home to see the guitars collecting dust.

The unsettling sense of regret sets in as you see the rust beginning to form on that car you were wanting to restore.

You never imagined it!

You never dreamed about putting your passions aside to be doing something you hate, just to pay bills.

It sounds depressing.

It is.


But now, think about what it would be like living the life you TRULY would want to live,

what would that be like?

What would you do?

How would it feel to be doing what you want?

Imagine if you had enough money and time to do whatever you wanted.

What would you do when you wake up every day?

What would make you want to never have to hit that snooze button again?

What would make you want to just hop right out of bed?

Well whatever it is that makes you feel this way is what you SHOULD be working toward.

Deep within, you know that you would rather be doing something that you are good at, something that brings you joy. Whatever it is you find joy doing is what you SHOULD be doing.  Don’t you agree?

You should at least have the money and time to be pursuing your passions, even if your passion itself is not what’s making you the money.

You shouldn’t have to settle, and you DON’T have to settle.

But, if that idea sounds ridiculous to you, if you are rolling your eyes – If you’re thinking that there’s no way because sometimes you just have to deal with life and think “realistically” – then just stop.

Just stop reading this post because,

you are right.

You are going to continue clocking in for the man, and living your dull and unfulfilled life.

Hey but that’s cool.  It’s “just life”, right?

Sell those musical instruments, that old car.  Just get used to sticking to that schedule you hate.


Most people ask permission from someone for the rest of their life.

They hope.  They ask their boss for a vacation once a year.  They sit around appropriately watching The Walking Dead every evening because they gave up on their dreams.  They truly were meant to live with the walking dead.

Believe me, I know because I’ve ended up working at tons of dead-end blue collar jobs as I was trying to move forward in life.  At each job, I have always asked my coworkers how they ended up at the job. Then I’ll ask, “Is it really what you wanted to do?”

When I ask them this question, I’m digging in to find out what it was they gave up on.  By now I’m used to the answers I get when asking the question, knowing that most people at one point had some kind of idea or dream they gave up on.  It’s always interesting to hear a new story though.

Usually their reply is some business idea they had, following with a lame reason as to why they could never make it happen.

Of course, it’s much more comfortable to watch tv when you get home.  It’s much more easy to simply let go of who you are, endure the workplace drama, pop some pill, get through the week, and party on the weekend to escape your existence.

Most big industries KNOW that you hate your life, which is why they make so many instant gratification products, and services available to you like a silver tray at a party with a few lines of coke on it, and some pills to choose from.

It’s all strategically marketed to make you feel like you’re less of a person, so that you will take part in it, in order to get the temporary fix, that makes you feel better about yourself for for some time.  Pick your addiction:

  • TV programs
  • Fast food
  • Televised sports
  • Shopping
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Porn


Your gut will tell you what you really want.

It’s time NOW to go with your gut.

What does your gut tell you?

When you search within, your intuition will make you feel and think differently than what you’ve been taught by your culture, your TV shows, your family, your friends.  You will probably experience a nudge of desire when you begin to listen to your intuition.  Go ahead, try it. 

Ultimately you want freedom to be who you really are.


People who have personal freedom don’t stop.

People who have personal freedom today didn’t just give up and settle.

I love to hear the stories of rock stars because you hear about all the work it took for them to get where they are. They held a strong vision and were determined that they would get where they are no matter what.

They didn’t give in to all the lies they’ve been fed.

Just like John Mayer said in his lyrics:

“I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world, just a lie you’ve got to rise above.”

People who have freedom stayed determined no matter what the circumstances are, even if it has taken years to accomplish their goal.

When I started this website, I was homeless, sleeping in cold below freezing temperatures.  I no longer had a laptop. I wrote blog entries using my phone.

The people with personal freedom had a vision and weren’t swept away by what our society expects of them.  They resisted the peer pressure to assimilate, to fit in.  They went with their gut and kept going.  That’s why you should be the rock star in your vision.

There is a lot of pressure in our society to roll with the crowd.  The majority of people will listen to what they’re told, and fall in line.

If you are reading this, I imagine that maybe for years you’ve had your own internal battles because you really didn’t want to get a “real job”.  You wanted the freedom to improve at what you were good at.  You wanted to use and improve your natural talents to live a life of meaning and purpose.

Most people today are turning into zombies more and more, accepting that their disposition is “just life”. If you are like me, you will eventually get so fed up, you will HAVE to figure out a different way.

By working jobs, I only worked myself into a hole – homelessness, financial struggle, poverty, unhappiness. When you are living a life and working against being who you are, you will lack true motivation to continue.  You’ll lack drive and determination.  It will lead you to less opportunity, and can lead to failure like it did me.  This is a kind of non-tangible barrier to success that most of us aren’t taught.

However again, you could just pop a pill to get through the day and sell your soul. When you trust your gut and intuition though, you will begin moving forward, and actually look forward to the days ahead.

Ultimately I realized all the bullshit I had been taught and chose to do whatever it took to find a path that leads to personal freedom.

But what are you going to do?

I’ll tell you what you’re going to do.

You’re going to make your vision clear and be a rock star and kick some ass. You’re going to have that story to tell about how you achieved what you wanted.

Today you’re going to allow that flame of desire to be rekindled.  You’re going to start imagining that you already have what you want.

You’re going to set aside a time to get clear about what you want and begin focusing on your vision.  You’re going to write down what you want, in detail. You’re going to use the whole day with a notebook and pen, and you’re going to write out what you want in crisp clear detail.  You’re going to find a private spot with no interruptions and do this.  If you don’t have a notebook and pen, you’re going to go out and buy a notebook and pen.

When you write out your life vision, you’re going to write it all in the present tense as if you’re already LIVING it. You’re going to FEEL it.

You’re going to see the kind of life you want in your mind.  You’re going to visualize the kind of day you wake up to every day.  You’re going to visualize the kind of people you hang out with.  You’re going to see yourself achieving your entrepreneurial goals.  You’re going to see yourself doing what you want.

As you write knowing how you are going to create a plan to manifest your vision, you’re going to imagine breathing in the fresh air coming from the breeze blowing through your hair, touching your skin.

You will taste whatever foods you enjoy. You will smell how your house smells, your car, the restaurant you own, the places you will visit, whatever it is.

You will see the blue skies, the white clouds, the brightness of the warm sun on your skin, the color of your shirt, the laughs and smiles of your family and friends, the look of determination you have on your face looking in the mirror at the gym.

This is how clear you are going to be with the words in your notebook, as you write down your vision for your life.

You will trust your gut, and you will go after what you want.

You won’t stop.

You won’t give up.

You won’t settle.

You will rise above the lies.

You won’t give in.

You’re going to trust yourself, and move forward.


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