How I Stayed Strong and Motivated While Homeless

Being homeless was tough.

I would recommend the experience to everyone though.

Especially if you have to sleep in the cold, because it really can make you tough.

For a brief time for about seven months, I went homeless and was sleeping in my truck.

It was ending winter, and entering spring, though this winter decided to linger a bit longer than usual.

This is how I stayed strong and motivated during my time living out of my truck.

In this post I’m also going to share what I wrote in the journal I kept while doing a program called 30 Days of Discipline.

I spilled some coffee on it.

What kept me strong and motivated while homeless:

1) Having a long-term vision for my future.

This kept me motivated to keep fighting, to stay out of depression.

I’ve always wanted to design and make my own brand of t-shirts, so I would work on my shirt business as often as I could.

Working on this gave me something to hope for and work toward.

Even though I couldn’t afford to actually run a business, I found joy in the creativity, doing research, and having my journal open to write out ideas and plans until I could bring my vision to life.

I never let my creative fire die.



2) Keeping a journal about my goals and day-to-day experiences.

I wrote down what was on my mind.  It gave me the sense I was getting out anything that stressed me.  It was kind of like having everything filed away by writing it down.  It helped me to keep clear and focused.

3) Exercise and eating as healthy as possible helped give me a lot of energy and clarity as well.

Low sugar, eating foods with protein, and healthy carbs.

The gym was where I would get showers, and I took cold showers too, which was part of the 30 Days of Discipline program.

I did have fast food at times, but for the most part I ate healthy.

4)  Kratom.

In addition to being focused on my goals, I used a supplement called kratom to help stay calm, focused, and happy.

Kratom is a plant that is related to the coffee plant.  They crush the leaves down to a fine powder. You consume it just by washing it down with water, or mixing it with a drink.

There are different varieties, or strains of kratom.  Some strains help you to get relaxed and focused.  Other strains make you feel good and want to be social.

Kratom is legal in the United States, though some people want to label it as a drug you get high on.  I don’t agree at all.

You should do your own research because you will discover that it is good.  There are some countries where it is illegal.

I’ve never been high, and have never done drugs.  A lot of what has been said about kratom is a bunch of bull.

I wanted an all natural way to help with anxiety and depression.  If I could find a way to not have to take man made medicine, I was going to go down that route.

I didn’t want to put man-made junk into my body.

Kratom was a great option.

I found a great company called Happy Hippo. They have excellent customer service, and an excellent product.

Plus they also throw in a little extra when you order more than $50 worth.

You can check them out at

There is also another company called Imperial Kratom, located in my area who offer an excellent product.  They also have fantastic customer service.

You can find them at

Kratom helped me stay calm and focused during those tough times.

I had been homeless a few times before, and had always worked two or more jobs at a time.

I was always against taking anything to help with stress, depression, or anxiety because I had the mentality to just tough it out, which I did.  Taking anything, to me was a sign of weakness.

However I came to believe that chronic stress can lead to damage to your nerves, to your body.  I was experiencing it.

I became more unable to focus like I had during my twenties, and I had a lot of anxiety and depression.  My symptoms also had a lot to do with the stresses of money, not earning enough to live on, as well as losing custody of my son to his mom, having to start paying child support again, and being held in contempt of court.

Mostly I was worried about the emotional and physical

When I experienced kratom, I realized that I could have accomplished much more, had I not been so caught up in battling worry and other emotional distractions.  I am talking about YEARS of fighting chronic poverty among other things related.

Kratom was a huge help to get me focused again on the work I needed to do to survive.

5)  I made extra money.

I used Craigslist to respond and post ads to make extra money.

When you hit the bottom financially, making more money takes the weight off tremendously, even if you aren’t able to save most of what you make.

I was not in a financial postion to save even enough to rent a room, but still walking away with $80 in cash after a few hours of helping someone move, takes the edge off because you know you at least have some lunch money for the week.

Whether it be Craigslist jobs or even clocking in to some part-time gig, making more money makes you feel better and motivated.

And no it is not the same as clocking in for a “good job” because you are settling for a job you hate.

The only reason to work ANY job, is to use the money to invest in your personal freedom, to get ahead.

6) I followed the 30 Days of Discipline workbook:


My 30 Days of Discipline

There were several circumstances outside of my immediate control that threw me out on the streets.

The mental and physical exercises helped me get focused and strong.

Check it out:

It was the first week of March.  I had purchased a copy of 30 Days of Discipline literally moments before I went out on the streets, like about 20 minutes after.

It was a week later that I began the program, March 9th.

Here now is all that I wrote in my journal during that time.

A lot of it I just jotted down sporadically, and the longer parts are unedited in the notebook.

I am adding part of it here edited for easier reading, and part of it in pictures.

Day 1:  100 pushups, situps, squats

(Began with 31 pushups, 20 situps, 85 squats, then finished with reps of 10 until I got to 100)

I took a cold shower.  It was very cold on my scalp, so cold my head hurt like an icecream headache.

Afterwards, I threw up.

Day 2:  32 pushups, 25 situps, 40 squats, then ten reps until complete 100.

Walk high.

Day 3:  Got up at 6am.

Had alarm set at 5am, but for some reason slept until 6am.  (I probably didn’t hear the alarm)

Slept at Wendy’s because I went to help her pick up a futon.

8-5 worked

Got to the gym at 5:30pm after some heavy traffic.  Was back on the interstate 20 minutes later, and at 6:04 arrived at Cookout.

They have wi-fi so I thought I would eat there and save some time, and find someone to spend the night with.


(I did not have a cell phone yet.  I used an old cell phone to connect to Wi-Fi to reach out to people.)

Left and went to my storage room to grab my workout shorts.

Did 33 pushups, 33 situps, then 33 squats,

Then 17, 17, 17,

Then 10, 10, 10

Until I got to 100 total.

Took a cold ass shower.

I decided to make the cold water my bitch, to suck my dick.

Cold water:  She’s my bitch.

Sleeping in the truck tonight.

Tomorrow’s goals:

– Work out

– Get the announcements up for

Day 4:  Wednesday 3/12

Left work.

Got to Maria’s to work on Alley Tees a little after 5:30.

Took ten minutes to reorganize the truck.

Went inside, did my routine of 100s.

Started working on Maria’s computer.  Turns out a simple art program can’t do what I need.

It’s 7:01pm and I go out to the truck to get the Mac to hook up.

Maria is asking when she can get her computer back.  I tell her now.

I hook up the Mac but no Internet.  Call the cable company. After a short time it is fixed.  Maria is trying to get me to listen to and watch a couple of Opera music videos.

I quickly eat a slice of Mexican pie.

By the time I am ready and set up, it is 8pm.

I have one hour before Allen gets home so I have to be out of there because he likes an empty house so he can chill out after work.

I manage to edit the image best I can, and have a post written and ready by 8:45.

…and I’m out of there right at 9pm.

Sleeping in the truck.

It is very cold and windy outdoors.

Day 5:  March 13

Every day it feels like I am getting stronger.

As the winter fades, some days and nights are warm.  Others are cold like last night.  It’s still windy.

I have $43 for all next week until next Thursday, but should be making $40 helping Kelli and Robbie move some photography equipment on Saturday.

Did my workout, cold shower.

Bought bread for the weekend, got a burrito, and now it’s 9:15pm.

Tomorrow I am picking up my son but don’t know where we’re staying yet.

Day 6:


Day 7:

I woke up at 6:38am.  All the other days at 5am.

Today I can sleep in.

Wendy has let me stay at her house this weekend.

I hook up the Mac mini and begin working on Alley Tees.

But I am also refreshing the browser on Craigslist gigs section to find some side work for the day.

I literally have less than $30 to last the weekend with my son, and until my next pay day on Thursday.

Fuel expense and child support has left me drained.

I find a gig on Craigslist and make $50 in three hours, and then another $40 directly after, helping my friends move their photography equipment from an event.

My son says he wants some Chinese, so we stop for dinner.

10pm, bed.

Did my 100 reps before working the Craigslist gig in the morning.

Day 8:

Woke up a little before 7am.

Brewed coffee.

Washed clothes.

Finished up an Alley Tees post.

Read 30 Days of Discipline to refresh my mind.

Had Andrew back at 6pm where his mom is throwing me the blame for his “bad behavior”.

I am still of the opinion that he has good behavior.  He is fine with me, and I continue to let him know that when he is with me, and he is.

He is a good kid.

I was consistent with him for the 13 months I had custody.  His behavior was fine.

Day 9:  March 17

Last night I bought a chicken sandwich after I dropped off my son, then went to sit in Starbucks. The girl gives me a free coffee.

I was done with my goals and to-do list for the week ahead.

Tried to NOT focus on the to-do list and goals for the week ahead, so I could relax my mind, but I couldn’t help but to try to figure out what I could do, or do better.

Tried to find someone to hang out with.  Facebook is my only way to reach out to anyone.  I use the Wi-Fi because I still don’t have a phone.

I can’t afford to just use gas and ride around.

Left Starbucks at 9:50pm .

My mom lives in an old trailer with my sister 13, my other sister, her two kids, and my brother.

Last week I went inside to change socks and brush my teeth.

As I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, I felt a tickle on my arm hairs near my elbow.

It was a roach.

In less than five minutes, a fucking roach already on my arm.

So I didn’t feel like parking my truck there to sleep.

Rode off to the country to where a couple friends live, cut off the headlights, crept the truck down the driveway a little bit, and parked for the night.

I couldn’t sleep, and it is usually hard to sleep.

Because it is cold, it is not easy.

My mind races.

I start to get horny.

I’ve got this hard on but I don’t have anyone to hook up with, and part of the 30 Days of Discipline program calls for NO masturbation!

My mind is racing with images of  girls I am acquainted with, and others my mind generates.  It begins to get crazy as my mind begins to wander…

First scenario that plays in my mind is a girl getting into the truck with me, riding me, then blowing me to finish.

Then I see two girls taking turns blowing me, then fucking me.

Then, the image of this rocker chick I’m acquainted with is on a bed on her knees blowing me, while another guy is getting her from behind.  Then it switches to where I am the observer, she is on some guy riding him on top, her ass toward me, while she is sucking off two other guys.

This sudden increase in horniness had came that Saturday afternoon.  I’d felt it like it just hit me.

Random regular urges are usual but it’s more than usual.

I want to devour someone!

I did masturbate.  I was jacking it but kept fighting the urge to release.

I kept stopping, swearing that I would stick to the plan.

No masturbation.

No release.

It was getting colder.

I wrapped up the best I could, eventually falling asleep but waking up occasionally.

I dreamed about finding wads of cash from some gangstas, and escaping from them on a skateboard with my third grade girl best friend, riding down steep hills.

Then the 5am alarm on my cell phone goes off.  (Still no phone service)

For some reason I do feel pretty tired but energetic at the same time, more talkative, and loud.

Maybe because I held off on the masturbating?  And all that energy has redirected itself?

I get some gas.

6:10am I am at Starbucks, having coffee, writing this.



I can feel my tooth giving some pressure, the tooth where I got the root canal but not the $900 for a crown.

I don’t want to call it pain.

The other one has cracked in half. I’m not happy about it.  I can’t smile the same.

Luckily it is toward the corner, but not completely noticeable unless you pay attention.






Day 10:  March 18th – My Birthday

Starting off the morning with a cup of coffee at Starbucks, about to work on the design for this shirt.

5pm off work.

Was going to finish the shirt at lunch, but I worked through it.  $7.00 more in my pocket though.

Picked up my son because who else would I want to spend my birthday with more than him?

No idea where we are going.  I get us some Taco Bell, and then to Michaels crafts store so I can return a couple of shirts.

Don’t want to go to my mom’s because they might have made me a birthday cake.

The roaches there are insane.

They might mean well, but I just can’t do it.

I get $5.00 back and decide to go to Earthfare supermarket to finish prepping my shirt to paint, but first my son wants to hit the punching bag inside Dicks Sporting goods before we leave.

Of course I let him practice his ninja moves!

It’s been a cold day and it’s wet.

I finish the shirt, buy him a brownie, and now it’s 8:40pm.

I take him back to his mom, and sit in the warm Starbucks until it closes.

Then I go to Cookout to sit.  I see Bay who doesn’t know I’m sleeping in my truck, chat with him, and it is 11:15pm when I get to bed.

I’m parked outside my mom’s trailer.

It is cold.

It is hard to get to sleep since it is not the most comfortable situation, as you shiver and burrow under the blankets.  I’m thank

Most of the time I am tired but not able to sleep because of the discomfort.

It works best to be exhausted, so that way when you get to “bed” you sleep better it seems.

Those brief moments you do drift into sleep, are deep sleep.

To be continued…


Hey, I’m moving…

Project Creative Freedom is moving from the old site to the new one that’s being built.

Stay tuned…  You can visit the old site

but I should be deleting some old posts and posting some new ones here.

This site you’re on now is temporary until I launch the new one.

How to Forever Ruin Your Sister’s Chance to Get A Good Job

Hurry up, Go!

Go and save her now if you can.

I may have permanently influenced my little sister.

She may end up straying from the most common,

and socially acceptable path to make a living, which is to…


Get a “good job”.


Somebody better go and save Tanya.

I’m pretty sure I have her convinced.

She met me a few weeks ago and brought me some lunch.

Then that’s when I started to do my damage.

Right now she is in school and plans to go to college.

So I was like, ohhh, okay.  What do you want to be?

She said, “Well, I want to be a dental assistant.  I can get a big discount on any dental work I need done, and they pay REALLY good, like $14.50 per hour to start.”

At this point I didn’t panic, but realized I had to act fast.

The ebola that had just spewed out from her mouth, the getagoodjobitis, was something that needed to be treated before it spread to others.




Before I even asked, I already knew she had been infected, and probably by some of the same voices that had infected me years ago.

My goal was to inject the cure.


Treating My Little Sister for Getagoodjobitis

“So is that what you really want to do?”, I asked.


“Let me ask you something.

If you could get up every day, and do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

Putting aside the whole idea of finding a job that pays by the hour, what would you wake up and do every day?

What do you enjoy doing?”

She took a few moments to think about it.  “Well, I really like to do hair.  But it doesn’t pay as much, and I wouldn’t be able to get the dental work done.”

“Well how ’bout this:”, I said, increasing the amount of the anecdote, “How about maybe go to school for business, learn some accounting, and go to a cosmetology school to learn hair?”

She was listening.  I continued, “Start your own hair styling business or a spa.  Then you can work for yourself, instead of someone else.  There is even a program at the university where they will help you create a business plan and find investors.

You will make more than $14.50 a . hour too.

Get this idea about how much per hour, at a job, you can make out of your head.  Think bigger and beyond that.”

Her posture shifted and expression changed as if she just suddenly had an inspiring ‘aha’ moment.

She told me that my suggestions sounded a whole lot better than what she had been considering, and that she thought she would begin down the path of starting her own business now.  She said it sounded a whole lot better than having a boss and being told what to do.

I could tell that her previous motives were both based out of fear, and indoctrination.

Her motive to become a dental assistant was part based on her insecurities about her teeth.

The idea that getting a “good job” making $14.50 per hour was also fear based.  The people encouraging her to “get a good job” live in their own fear based world, struggling to get by, clinging desperately to their per-hour jobs with “benefits” and 401-k, asking permission from a boss all their lives.

She has probably been told to get something secure and stable, since good jobs are hard to come by these days, because life is hard and that’s just how things are.

It is expected and taught that yo . must get a good job, with some business or company after you graduate or finish college.

To some degree there’s also this sense that getting a “good job” is some moral thing to do, and if you don’t then “you don’t wanna work” and that’s “wrong”.

I’m going to tell you right now, it’s only wrong if you aren’t doing work that brings you joy.

I told my sister she could own her own business, doing something that she enjoys, be the boss of her life, make way more than $14.50 per hour, and make enough to get dental work done.

I opened not just her mind, but her heart, by asking her to consider what brings her joy – something most of us will never be taught.

I helped her move away from a thought pattern based on insecurity and fear, to one with focus that will make her more driven and motivated.

As you read this, are you someone who has made life and career choices out of insecurity, conformity, and fear?

If so you can probably remember how a small, or maybe a big part of you intuitively felt something wasn’t quite right.  You could tell. Maybe you resisted, but ignored what your gut was telling you?

Now imagine if you had made choices based on the goal of being able to do what you found joy doing.  How would that have been like?

Would things be different?

There is still time.

You can start now.

Start writing down your vision and plan out what it is going to take to get there.


By the way…

By the way, while weren’t looking, I was injecting you with some dowhatyouwantonitis, which is the anecdote for getagoodjobitis.


Heh heh heh heh heh, just like my little sister, you may experience the signs of:

  • Motivation
  • Hope
  • Inspiration
  • Excitement to begin living the life you want…

And you might begin now to make plans to get on that path.

‘Till next time,




How to Break Out of Job

Being in Job can suck your life away.

It can take away your meaning and purpose.

It can strip you of your soul.

It is death for the dead.


Now, I’m going to show you how you can get out of that dirty shit hole.

I am going to show you how to break out of Job.

It’s easy.

Does it take time and some work?


But will the freedom be worth it though?


Breaking out of Job, gives you the freedom to be who you really are, and live how you want.

If you stay, you slowly turn into a polyp:


One of those shrunken shriveled shrimp looking creatures in The Little Mermaid, not that I’ve been watching The Little Mermaid, but even if I were…



How I got put in Job

You might be wondering how I ended up in Job.

Maybe you can relate too.

Here is the quick version of what happened and what it did to me:

After nine long years, I was finally meeting up with a good friend who moved back in town.

We got caught up a bit, talked about old times, the future, and then later in the conversation he was like, “Dude, I am going to have to get to know you again, because it seems you aren’t the same.”

He said, “The Billy I USED to know used to be fun.  The Billy I USED to know made videos.  The Billy I USED to know played guitar, and do all kinds of creative things.  I will have to get to know you all over again.”

What had happened over those nine years, was I had been locked up in Job.

Everything I had ever worked hard for, by going to a job every day, it made me lose everything, including time and money to do anything I truly enjoyed.

Even if I wanted to make hobbies out of my passions, I couldn’t even afford to.

I dug myself into a hole that I couldn’t get out of.

It literally sucked the life out of me.

Year after year, I was investing the money I worked hard for into things I had been taught I needed, like apartments, a truck payment, washer and dryer, stove, etc.  This eventually made it to where I could no longer afford anything at all.

Have you been there?

I did not know about saving, investing, budgeting, and I made some dumb financial mistakes just to live up to others expectations.

My Crime:

I ended up in Job for commiting the crime of giving up on myself, and not following my gut.


I allowed myself to be influenced by other prisoners who scorned me for not wanting to be in Job like they were.  They would mock me and laugh at my ideas.

“Get a REAL job!”

“Well, I hope that works out for ya, ha.”

I knew what I really wanted, but followed down this path because I allowed what others think to influence my decisions.

I followed the Job and create “stability” path because I had never been loved or accepted by family and most of my peers.

I was a true loner.

Every girl had rejected me.  I had grew up poor, dirty, and dysfunctional, living in trailer parks most my life.

I was desperate for a kind of stability that I thought would bring me acceptance and love.

My gut said to pursue my passion for writing, music, and being an entrepreneur.

The pressures to conform and be normal, to find acceptance and love, drove me toward getting a good 8-5 job.

So I gave up.

Soon I found a job and was shackled by the new 7-4 schedule.

I got some boots, my Job suit, which was a set of brown pants, and a creme color shirt that buttoned down, and my name embroidered on the front left. I was to report every morning for assignment.

The irony is that I was driving a truck delivering port-a-jons because it was the beginning of my life literally going to shit.

Why would I work a job delivering portable toilets?

Because I just quit a business that gave me true freedom, and had to grab the first thing that would put money in my pocket.

I didn’t have the luxury to live in mom and dad’s basement until I found a new Job.

But enough about me.

I just wanted you to know that I know how much it can suck.

Now here is the solution, the escape route:


How to Break Out of Job

Breaking out of Job will be quicker for some than others, and it will take work.

For some, it will take merely instantly knocking down the walls you’ve built.

You’ve maybe unknowingly built your own cell.

For others, who are experiencing what I have, it will take digging your way out incrementally with a spoon.

There are a couple different options:

1. Up and Quit

You can walk right out the door today.  You can also give a two week notice.

You don’t even have to plan.

The freedom comes instantly, and you will feel the rush and relief of having the heavy burden removed from your shoulders.

If you need money, start selling all of  your stuff.  You will only discover that the relief of not having all the stuff will feel great.  Even the things you think you have emotional attachment to, once you get rid of them, you’ll find your attachment gone in a couple of days if not sooner.

Of course you are not going to lie around and do nothing.  The next thing you will do is start working on something you find joy doing.

You can work gigs off of craigslist to earn extra cash in the mean time until you reach your goals.  My experience has been that working gigs from craigslist most of the time feels more like you are doing someone a favor, than doing work.  It’s not the same as being locked up in Job.

Just up and quitting your job takes balls, not because it’s a huge risk, but it will make all your fears rise to the surface to where you have to deal with them.  This will make you mentally and emotionally stronger than most after you’ve dealt with them.

Again, you can leave right now, but you can also plan as much in advance as you want though.

Fuck or ignore people who will put fear in your heart by telling you to have something lined up, just in case.  They don’t want you to be free, or they don’t know any better.  In either case, they are living in, and coming from a place of their own fears.

Get rid of the stuff, break free from Job, make and save money, and invest it in doing something you know you’re good at.

If you are single with no kids, this should be a breeze.  I know, because I’ve been down to nothing, no home, and living out of my truck.

I have also just up and quit, taking the risk to work on my own.  You may fail.  I did for a time.  However, it builds a certain kind of mental/emotional strength that most won’t, and are too afraid to experience.

I realize that everyone has unique circumstances.  You may have kids, like me, I have a son, and you can’t just up and quit.

Many people could just up and quit if they really wanted it bad enough, breaking free just like that, breaking down those cell walls.

Some will have to dig with a spoon, which means it will take some time.


2. Replace your income by starting a business that is based on something you are good at, and something you find joy doing.

When I was down and stuck financially, I was barely scraping by each paycheck.  I could not even afford my own place to live.  But I did my research and realized I could replace my income by starting a blog.

This is the best way to begin breaking out, and putting money in your pocket.

You are leveraging the power of the Internet, to break free from Job.

Start a blog that makes you money.

You think your income has to come from a job but it doesn’t.  Think about what you enjoy doing and you’re good at.  Imagine now that you can do this and it makes you money.

The most inexpensive way to do this is by starting a blog, just like this one, based on a subject you would enjoy creating content about.

Begin by writing five articles, or record five videos, or five podcasts.

Make sure your content gives value by offering solutions to other peoples needs.  That’s exactly what I am doing here now:  You are stuck in Job.  I am giving you the solution to get what you want.

So as you are thinking about what moves you, motivates you, brings you joy, and how people can benefit from that skill, talent, or knowledge , please let me now share how your blog will make you money:

*  Add a Donate button to your blog.  When people are given great content, and get to know and like you, some are glad to leave a tip.

* Offer a Service.  If you can teach something, guide someone in the right direction, fix something, or offer sone kind of consulting, you can charge or trade for your service.

* Create your own products online.  You can have your own ebooks, audio programs, or video tutorials done where they are easy to order and download.

* Affiliate programs.  Companies will pay you when you post their links on your site, and someone buys through those links.

You will want to add links to products relevant to the subject of your blog.

For example, if you have a blog about painting, you could recommend a particular brand of paint.  It is likely that there is an affiliate program where that brand will pay you a percentage when someone orders through your link.

Setting up your blog with affiliate links is how you can begin to put money in your pocket in the mean time, while you are creating your own products.

Show other people how to set up their own blog that will make them money, just like I am doing with this article, and get paid when they sign up with the hosting companies which have affiliate programs you can sign up for.


The Big Picture

Imagine you have a system set up, where money comes in every day, that provides you with not only stability, but with enough income to live the lifestyle you want.

Imagine that this system is your blog.  This is your blog where you create content that you enjoy.

People visit your blog.  They click on your affiliate links.  You get paid.

People visit your blog.  They click on the links to your ebook.  You get paid.

People visit your blog.  They sign up for a service you offer.  You get paid.

People visit your blog.  They really like how you’ve helped them get a solution to their need.  They click on your donate button to give you a tip.  You get paid.

People see that you sell your artwork, and print copies too, or your music, or t-shirts.   They click to buy.  You get paid.

See how this works?

So now tell me, what brings you joy?


Are you ready to break out of Job?

Oh yeah, there is one more stream of income you can plug in to your blog  business.  I only recommend doing this as an additional income to what you are doing, and NOT doing it full time unless you truly have a passion for it.  This stream of income can make you thousands per month.

This additional stream of income is called network marketing.  Just choose a company you like that has a product you like.  It usually requires a monthly purchase of the product or membership.

When you join, you can refer others to the company to enjoy the products, and you will get paid   a percentage from their monthly orders.

You also get paid a percentage from the customers that they recommend, and so on down multi-levels.  It is also known as multi-level marketing.

It requires a very small investment, some requiring that you merely make a monthly purchase, then you get paid when others are referred by you.  Just like affiliate links, post the link they give you to your blog.

Some companies even reward you with nice size bonuses for when someone signs up to become a customer for the first time.  One company I was a customer with, sent $50 every time someone signed up as a new customer, plus a percentage of their first order.

At the moment, I am not signed up with any network marketing company, but I will be joining one soon.  Kick-ass rewards and prizes for anyone who signs up under me though, once I find the right company for me.

I will be writing more about this topic later, but imagine this being another stream of income you can plug into your business to keep you on the path of personal freedom.


That’s all for now.

Don’t be a polyp.

Don’t be a prisoner anymore.

Break free.

I’ve shown you a way to break out of Job.

I’ve shown you how to get out of that hell.

What are you waiting for?

Start now.

– Billy

P.S.  As Project Creative Freedom grows more and more, all the information on this site will be free.  I will be selling shirts, though and one book I am writing will be free of charge AFTER you have read it and have completed the exercises in it.  Afterwards, you will be refunded the money and you can keep the book.   It will be your choice to be refunded, or let me keep the money as a tip.


Go With Your Gut

You feel it in your gut.

Something isn’t quite right.

This picture of life you’ve experienced everyday for so many years now, the monotony, the routine; this isn’t the one you had quite envisioned.

You never saw yourself waking up every morning, rushing to get out the door, hitting heavy traffic, clocking in, working at a job you find boring, or being with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with in your free time.

You never imagined that the majority of your time would be consumed by the dull, mundane, consistent routine that only leaves you exhausted and unmotivated at the end of the day.

You never imagined you would come home to see the guitars collecting dust, or that car you’ve been wanting to work on beginning to rust.

You never dreamed about putting your passions aside to be doing something you hate, just to pay bills.

It sounds depressing.

It is.

But let me ask you, what does your gut say?

When you imagine the life you truly WOULD want, what does that look like?

What would you do?

How would that feel?

Imagine if you had enough money and time to do whatever you wanted, what would you be doing?

What would you do when you wake up every day?

What would make you feel alive?

What would make you want to just get up out of bed?

Well whatever it is that makes you feel this way is what you SHOULD be doing.

Whatever it is you find joy doing is what you SHOULD be doing.

It should also be putting money in your pocket.

If that sounds ridiculous to you, or you are rolling your eyes, or you are thinking that there’s no way because sometimes you just have to deal with life, and think “realistically”, then STOP.

Stop reading this post right now.

You are right.

You are going to continue clocking in for the man.

Just sell those instruments, that old car, and just get used to sticking to that schedule you hate.  Just get used to being told what to do.

Most ask permission from someone for the rest of their life.  They hope and ask their boss for a vacation once a year, and sit around watching tv every evening because they gave up on your dreams.

If you believe what you’ve been told all your life about what gives you joy, that there will always be time for hobbies, like they told me, and that you must keep a “real job”, then you will stay stuck.

It’s time NOW to go with your gut.

What does it say?

People who have freedom didn’t give in to all the cultural lies they’ve been fed.

They didn’t give up.

People who have freedom stayed determined no matter what the circumstances are.

When I started this website, I was homeless,sleeping in cold below freezing weather.  I no longer had a laptop. I wrote blog entries using my phone.

People with freedom go with their gut.

I went with my gut.

There is a lot of pressure in our society to roll with the crowd.  The majority of people will listen to what they’re told, and fall in line.

Most of us are not taught to follow our gut,  and do what we KNOW we want.

For years I had my own internal battles because I really didn’t want to get a “real job”.  I wanted the freedom to improve at what I was good at, and use my natural talents to live a life of meaning and purpose.  I eventually got so fed up, I HAD to figure out a different way.

By working jobs, I only worked myself into a hole.  Ultimately I realized all the bullshit I had been taught and chose to do whatever it took to find the path that lead to personal freedom.

Personal freedom is having the freedom to live how you want and have enough money to be financially stable.

Most people that step forward to do their own thing, and are surrounded by average joes, will be laughed at, mocked, scorned.

You wanna play guitar all day?

You wanna make those silly videos and believe that will support you?

You think that you’re gonna write all day and make a living?!

You think people are gonna actually buy those shirts?

So you think you’re just gonna travel around all the time attending concerts?

So you think you are just gonna travel all over the country trying out new coffee houses or eateries?


This is the reaction from most of your average Joe crowd, but that’s only because they probably once had an idea.  They had that small spark that could have been a true creative fire, but it was quickly put out by listening to their family or friends, and by “thinking realistically”.

Follow your gut.

What does it say?

What are you going to do?

I will show you.

If you are like me, I knew that something wasn’t right.  I ended up stuck.  I knew I wanted out, but I didn’t know exactly how to get out once I was sucked in to where I was barely making enough to get by.

I was working dead-end blue collar jobs, and had to work part-time just to stay afloat financially.

Year after year, like a black hole, my life and freedom was being pulled away.

Each time I tried to get ahead, my truck would break down.

Each time I tried to get ahead, a tooth would begin to hurt.

I didn’t have a mommy or daddy, or family to fall back on.  The mistakes in my youth weren’t something I could simply bounce back from. If I made any mistakes, it could mean homelessness, and often it did.

But I never gave up.

The path to freedom requires that you

1.  Open your mind.

2.  Start replacing your income.

If you open your mind a bit, one thing you might research and consider is that some people literally make thousands per month by building a personal brand and blogging about their life experiences.

You can do that, and start replacing your income.

Here is a list of some some ways to start replacing your income:

* Start a blog or website like the one you are reading now.

* Start your own business (a blog is a business too).

* Create a plan for how you will create, market, and sell your art or music.

*  Have extra passive streams of income coming in from other sources, like owning rental properties, affiliate products, or joining a network marketing company.

Leveraging the power of the internet can be the starving artist’s, or the poor man’s way out.  It requires very little investment to begin.  I say begin with the internet, and blog about who you are, your values, and give people value by sharing what you’ve learned.

Then later begin to add the extra income streams.  You don’t HAVE to start blogging.  You CAN start creating a plan to move forward with your vision.

A blog and other internet based income sources that makes you money can be something that is part of your plan, integrated, to give you the freedom you want.

Go with your gut.

Rise above the lies.

Get what you want.

Until next time,


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